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Zhengzhou Chiyu Machinery Equipment Co., is located in the beautiful Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,China. It was established in 2015 . It is mainly engaged in the sourcing of various equipments such as batch production tray microwave dryers, continuous production belt microwave dryers, batch production tray microwave vacuum dryers,hot air circulating tray dryer,vacuum fryers, vacuum freezers, spray dryers, which are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biomedical and other industries.

"Customer first, service-oriented" is our long-term consistent service concept. We always provide customers the most adequate information and technical support including selling, installation, test, maintenance, repair and so win favor able public praise and credibility in the industry.

Our partner fully absorbs the advanced technology of domestic and foreign similar products, persists in scientific and technological innovation, takes the humanities as the center, can customize the first-class mechanical equipment for the customer. Our partner also has a professional senior design and development elite team; experienced, first-class service engineering maintenance service team; Production and installation technical team with exquisite technology and keep improving; Rigorous and scientific quality management system. These powerful conditions, to achieve the enterprise development needs of the right time, place, people, so as to ensure the production of mechanical equipment with high quality, high-performance characteristics, can be from energy conservation and environmental protection, improve efficiency, save labor, reduce the area of land for customers to provide excellent solutions. We will always pursue and strive to reply our customers and serve the society with first-class products of innovation and excellence.




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